Hi there!

To me, this blog represents a part of myself that I’ve always known was there.  I knew it was there but didn’t quite know how to communicate my thoughts in a way that felt productive and authentic.  After many (27) years of learning about myself, understanding what drives me, and identifying my passion to encourage others, here it is!

Fueling and moving your body with intention allows you to just be you.  We all know the slippery slope of rouge eating, body neglect, and a cloudy mind. Conversely, even on your most active and mindful days, anxiety and stress can creep in – I FEEL THAT.  Making decisions that will serve you is a constant fight.  However, it’s a fight I’m willing to square up to, look in the eyes, and knock out.

My hope for Take Kara Yourself is that it will serve as a source of direction to keep your mind, body, and soul happy and healthy.  You can expect all things wellness — food, fitness, self care, my golden doodle @dupontbrody  and just plain fun! — to frequent the blog.

Life is too short not to sweat (come see me in class at Equinox) but too short to sweat the small stuff, so let’s choose to be good to our minds, combat food guilt, embrace body positivity and learn to have fun with food TOGETHER.

So much love for all my friends and family who have encouraged me to take a chance and just do the damn thing

Take Kar <3