Launch Party


It was truly humbling to feel the love and support around me last night at my launch party for Take Kara Yourself.  We debated the entire day whether to cancel, reschedule, change the time due, to angry weather predicted for the evening.  I was a nervous WRECK.  My mom is my favorite person in this world, do not get me wrong – but she changed her mind on the topic more than I changed outfits for this event (approx 14 times).  I had so much built up anticipation and expectation around this party and I felt like I needed it to be My Super Sweet Sixteen status.

After humming and hawing, by 2pm we decided to just go with the flow and let mother nature have her way with us.  Either way, it would be epic, right…..?

Obviously – we had an avocado toast bar with a billion toppings, dip, tapas, Glen’s salad, GF/V desserts for days (I’ll post the recipes soon!) and a featured Mountain Culture Kombucha Cocktail by Bartender Brad.

About 20 minutes into our rooftop rendezvous the dark skies started rollin’ in.  It was surreal, actually.   We were right on the edge of a huge storm front.  We could see the lightning and fury happening in Arlington, which is less than a mile away.  There was a short 5 minute period where we had ourselves convinced it was going to cruise right by us leaving the party unscathed.  We wrapped those thoughts up real quick when our hair started standing on end because of the electric current in the air! – who’s got a pic of this?!

A cold front hit and it was go time.  Every one of the precious souls at the party grabbed a dish, table cloth, swag bag, speaker, something(!) and we scooted inside REAL QUICK.  Not a single person tried to bail.  The only question everyone asked was “OK, so where do we keep this party goin’?”  The lobby, of course?  So, with the storm, the basement of my building started to flood.  The management team didn’t even have time to notice us and our boomerangs, booch, and avo toast raging in the lobby – bless!

Fav 1

Thank you to my friends, family, lover, haters, and everyone alike who played a part in this experience and event.  It wasn’t what I pictured or expected at all; it was so much better.

Take Kar <3

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