Finding your SOUL

One of my favorite forms of movement is indoor cycling.  I usually cycle with a group of friends several times a week at Equinox.  It’s like a friend hang, dance party, and workout all in one – perfection.  I recently became a fitness instructor, myself.  Part of my journey to find my own coaching style has been bouncing around to different gyms, cycle studios, and boutique fitness centers in DC.  Paying specific attention to each instructor’s unique style has been particularly interesting.  Last week, I had the pleasure of riding at SoulCycle with guest instructor, Angela Davis (former USA track and field athlete).  It was INCREDIBLE – Thanks Clare!!!

Something she said stuck with me – “I’ve not always been the women I was called, created, and intended to be.”  I just love that.  For most of us, it’s a journey to find our calling in life.  However, there is not a single reason why you can’t try on everything and feel amazing doing it.

Here’s what I was thinking immediately after riding with Angela:

Inspired and energized AF from the 45 minutes I gave to myself, today.  I’m lucky enough to have an A team to sweat with every week – they make it EASY to buy-in every damn time.

Thank you @shapeangela for reminding us that opportunity is just waiting for someone to step the F up and take it.  We’re all challenged and tested.  We all have shit thrown our way that is HARD.  But there aren’t any mistakes in this life.  Nothing about the way we were made or the life we’re in is on accident.  Today, put every single turn on that you deserve, and lean in to your own damn hill


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